Accordion Pop-Up Card!

11 Jun

Today, I am going to be showing you yet another way to recycle some items you thought you may have no use for! & I’m referring to shoe boxes and old magazines!

Yes!! Don’t underestimate these 2 items because you can actually make a Accordion Pop up Card out from it! Or rather what some may call the “squash book”!  Its really easy and it is not as complicated as it looks!



Materials: Shoe box, magazines, glue/double sided tape/scissors

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Step 1: Take the shoe box cover and cut it into 2!

Step 2: Cut 3 pages off any magazine you like and trim it into a square!

Step 3: Fold the square into half, open it up. Turn the page clockwise and fold it into half again (open it up again)

Step 4: Once that’s done, fold the square into half diagonally forming another triangle

Step 5: Do the same for all 3 squares and align them next to each other (you should have one paper facing up, the next facing down and the next facing up again – alternate (as seen in the picture above)

Step 6: Overlapping one quarter of the square, stick the 3 squares together, forming a accordion

Step 7: Paste the shoe box covers which you have cut out earlier on  each side of the accordion when folded to make the card cover!

& TADA~ there you have, your very own accordion pop up card! You can give it to anyone of your friends or family for their birthdays any other kinds of occasions. I promise, they will be impressed!


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